System Assessments

Proper System Assessment and Documentation Can Save You Thousands

Getting a proper assessment of your piping or structure problem is crucial in determining the best solutions for restoration or rehabilitation. S. Bagby & Co. uses the most advanced technology in the industry to thoroughly map and identify you system’s interior and its issues.

A system assessment from SBC can involve the following, depending on the system setup:

  • Cleaning, desilting, descaling & root removal to allow uninhibited access
  • Video recording of the pipe’s interior with applicable video recording devices
  • Complete mapping of the system’s interior

Several types of technology used by SBC include:

  • Boroscopes
  • Push camera systems — Self-leveling, color, with DVD recording capabilities and approximately 200′ of cable
  • Camera Truck — Color, Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera with remote controlled transporter and approximately 1,000′ of cable

SBC’s system assessment services have saved businesses thousands in labor time and materials by determining the most efficient solution. Call today to set up a consultation.