S. Bagby and Company will research and provide the right solution for your specific project needs. Not only do we work to meet all operational standards but often we can extend the life cycle sustainability far beyond the original design.

Some of our typical projects include the repair, rehabilitation, and/or restoration of the following systems:

  • Hot, cold, and hot water recirculation systems, whether Domestic (Potable) or Industrial Process Water Systems.
  • Sanitary Sewer Systems, whether underground from manhole to manhole or inside the walls of a building. We are one of the very few that are capable of lining inside or underneath a building or other structure.
  • Stormwater, whether manhole to catch basin, or mitered culverts.
  • Roof drains and roof leaders.
  • Process piping, acid piping, gas piping, and other industrial piping.
  • Structures such as catch basins, manholes, lift stations, pump stations, containment areas, tanks, and others.

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Fabric Form Concrete System installed in open storm water ditches and radiant grading project to restore proper runway sheet flow for storm water runoff